This Blog only collects data that shows how this Blog is used and where visitors come from, roughly geographically as well as which pages refer back to this blog.

Short Summary: This website does not collect any data that can uniquely detect or identify or retarget  any user.

The tool used here is the Open Source Tool Matomo that runs on our own servers, so no external analytics provider. Also Matomo is set up to respect if your browser has the "Do not track" setting.

If the user has agreed by agreeing in the consent layer then the data is enriched by a cookie. This cookie only allows to know if the same user was visiting multiple sites or if it is a different user. Deleting the cookie will remove the consent.

Anonymized and pseudonymized data collected:

  • Which pages a user visits
  • Which links are clicked on the blog
  • 3 Byte IP Ranges (123.456.789.NOT-COLLECTED) ➡  There is no way of ️uniquely identifying a user by this nor can we interconnect data to do so.
  • For referring pages (pages that link to this website) the referrer is only saved via path. All query parameters are removed to ensure that no private data is attached.