Even though the recipe is all original the idea is not: I saw an Instagram post of @magicroasters and got especially inspired of the idea of having coffee in a cashew butter. I mean I just love Peanut Butter but Cashew Butter with Coffee sounded like something I should definitely give a try.

So there we go. Me sitting and thinking of what's the best ratio of ingredients. Thinking does only do a little though since you gotta try it either way. That's that. So well it turned out extremely good in the first try already - admittedly making cashew butter in general is rather simple - so I went on and refined the ingredients and tada: Here we are now - having a wonderful Coffee Cashew Butter recipe.

Duration ~15 Minutes
Result A big glass of Cashew Butter

Get a Blender first

Since this recipe requires a strong blender (not just a Smoothie Mixer) there is no way other than making sure you have one at home 😌

Check for options on Amazon here https://amzn.to/3r2DSG8


  • 250g Cashews
  • 35ml Maple Syrup
  • 1/4tsp of salt
  • 120g Coconut Oil (deodorized [1])
  • 1tsp Ground Coffee

[1] Deodorized is a term that describes that the specific taste of the ingredient is removed since we do not want it to taste like coconut. This is normally a natural process by simply cooking the smell out.

Raspberries with Coffee Cashew Butter and a bit of Mint


  1. Take a pan, put it on medium heat and add the raw Cashews to it and let them get roasted by stirring. They should get a brownish color and release some roasty smell. At one point some of them should start to look a little bit shiny. This is when you know they release fat.
  2. Put the roasted Cashews into your Blender and start blending them on very low level (high level will only throw them to the sides)
  3. Now there is a little bit of effort involved. Since the mass will become more and more powdery and sticky it will stick to the sides and not hit the knives anymore. Shut off the mixer then and push the Cashews back to the center then blend again.
  4. Blend until the mass is more creamy than powdery.
  5. Add the salt, the Coffee, the Coconut Oil and the Maple Syrup now and blend again on low to medium level. With the help of the coconut oil the cashew butter should become really creamy.
  6. Continue until the desired consistency is reached.
  7. Enjoy your selfmade Coffee Cashew Butter 💖 🥖🧈