I love this Rainbow One-Pot Pasta so much because it is just so easy to make and yet soooooo tasteful.

The original recipe is an idea from Jamie Oliver and it was jut Love at first Bite 😋
I removed Parmesan from the original recipe, added Lemon Juice and improved the ratio of ingredients.

Trust me: You will be stunned how a so simple dish can be just so wonderful.

Prep Time ~10 minutes
Cooking Time ~10 minutes
Result 4-5 Servings
Glutenfree ✅ (by using glutenfree Spaghetti)


None 👌


  • 200g green Tomatoes
  • 200g yellow Tomatoes
  • 200g orange Tomatoes
  • 200g red Tomatoes
  • 200g dark-red Tomatoes
  • 150g Olives, cut in discs
  • Juice of 1/2 Lemon
  • 4-7 cloves of Garlic
  • 500g glutenfree Spaghetti
  • Fresh Basil
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper

Recipe Instructions

For getting the best result: Do not stir in the bowl until the recipe says so.

  1. Cut all the different kinds Tomatoes in roughly 2cm big chunks and put them alltogether in a big bowl
  2. Add the cut-in-discs Olives into the bowl
  3. Cut the garlic cloves in very small pieces and add them to the bowl as well
  4. Chop a handful of the basil and add it to the bowl

  5. Cook the spaghetti
  6. When the spaghetti are ready drain the water and put them into your tomato-mix bowl immediately (this way the spaghetti cool down a bit and the rest heats up a bit)
  7. Now mix the spaghetti thoroughly with the rest
  8. Add the Lemon Juice, 6-7tsp of Olive Oil, 1tsp of Salt, some pepper and some mor fresh basil
  9. Serve it and enjoy the delicious fresh taste of this pasta recipe 💖