This is one of my recipes out of the #nomeat category - resembling an originally meat-based recipe. Bolognese is a reminder of many peoples childhood. The taste of tomatoes with the rough taste of something more smokey. Did you know that the Bolognese that most people identify as Bolognese is not even really traditional Bolognese? Traditional Bolognese would often come only with the protein base, tomato paste and spices - not with a bunch of tomato sauce though πŸ€“

In this recipe a lot of the sauce is soaked into the tofu such that it comes closer to the original recipe. πŸ…

Prep Time ~3 minutes
Cooking Time ~15 minutes
Result 3-4 Servings
Glutenfree βœ…

What makes this recipe so special

With all of the good options of plant-based "minced meat" out there it is easier than ever to just buy one of the pre-packaged alternatives. I do that sometimes as well but I love this recipe because it allows you to be amazed how we can turn "minced tofu" into a dream of taste and it just goes so easy off-hand 😍  A few ingredients next to our tofu and we can create such an amazing dish without buying a pre-packaged one with a lot of plastic surrounding it.

What I love about Tofu Bolognese is that there are so many variations tastewise that this recipe probably is not the last one I am presenting, just a more traditional one.


Actually no special requirements here. Just a big pan πŸ’›


  • 400g normal Tofu (non-smoked)
  • 400ml sieved Tomatoes / raw Tomato Sauce
  • 150g Cherry Tomatoes, cut in halves
  • 4 big tablespoons of tomato paste
  • 4 gloves of Garlic
  • 1 Onion

  • 2tsp red sweet pepper powder
  • 3tbsp Soy Sauce
  • 4tbsp Maple Syrup (alternatively: Agave Syrup, Rice Syrup)

  • 1tsp Smoked Salt [1]
  • Spices: Basil, Oregano, Salt, Pepper, 1-2 Bay Leaves
  • Some fresh Basil leaves
  • Olive Oil
  • Water

In case you need the recipe glutenfree: Make sure to use glutenfree Noodles or whatever you serve with your Sauce πŸ‘

[1]Smoked Salt is available in all big supermarkets. If you have trouble finding it then the Web is there for you e.g.

Recipe Instructions

  1. First of all you need to mash the tofu with a fork or a potato masher to be in shape "minced meat"
  2. Now - without any fat or oil - we will already bring the tofu in the pan and roast it whilst stirring for 2 minutes on high level. This step is important as it will drain the water from the tofu and brown it lightly. Do not forget to stir or it will burn easily!
    (you could already add 1 or 2 bay leaves at this point)
  3. Add the 2tsp of sweet pepper powder and mix it up so it takes a bit of color
  4. Add 3tbsp of Tomato paste and roast it whilst stirring
  5. Add the smoked salt and 2tbsp of Dark Soy Sauce to the mix
  6. Put the mix into a bowl to free up the pan - or use a different pan now
  7. Pour quite some Oil (about 6tbsp at least) into the pan
  8. Crush the garlic gloves, cut the onion into small cubes and add it to the oil and fry for 1min on high level
  9. Now add the tofu mix and fry alltogether on high level for 2-3 mins whilst stirring (don't burn it!)
  10. Take a glass and pour 1tbsp of Water, 1tbsp of Soy Sauce, 1tbsp of Syrup and 1tbsp of Tomate Paste into it and mix it up
  11. Pour the mix into the pan and let it soak in whilst stirring
  12. Add 1 or 2 bay leaves (if not yet done), some Oregano and a bit of Salt
  13. Pour the 400ml of sieved Tomatoes into the mix and stirr thoroughly
  14. Cut the cherry tomatoes in halves, get some fresh basil leaves and add it to the mix with the rest of the syrup (3tbsp)
  15. Cook it for 2 more minutes - done ✌🏾🍝